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Carboplatin versus cisplatin: an observational study in locally advanced cervical cancer

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2024.3977

Polish psychiatric nurses’ psychosomatic health status in relation to sociodemographic variables

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2024.1025

High Engagement for Diverse Learners in a Multimodal Pedagogical Approach

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2024.1024

Ballet and Psychology: A Historical-Philosophical Analysis

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2024.1023

Hedgehog or ludum mutante in radiomics for precision oncology

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2024.1022

Dual-targeting CAR-T cells and bispecific antibodies for multiple myeloma

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2024.1021

Clinical trials and new treatments for castration-resistant prostate cancer

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2024.1020

The Effect of Eupalinolide B on AmyotrophicLateral Sclerosis : A Case Report

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2023.1019

Low expression of TRIM74 predicted poorprognosis and promoted the proliferation andmigration of liver cancer cells

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2023.1018

Update on Current and Future Developmentsin Radiation Protection of Patients

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2023.1017

Endometrial Serous Adenocarcinoma andPerineal Leiomyosarcoma: A rare case reportof Synchronous Primaries

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2023.1016


PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2023.1015

Angiogenic switch is a potential step in the pathogenesis of COVID-Mouth via an interaction with ACE2/Furin receptors: Review Article

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2022.1014

Rare Metastasis of Esophago-Gastric Cancers: Case series with review of literature

PDF FullText DOI: 10.52338/wjoncgy.2022.1013

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